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Family Owned and Operated since 1962

Auto Repairs

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Since 1962, Crawford Tire Service has been helping customers across Beaver, PA, Cranberry Township, PA, Midland, PA, and surrounding areas with tire maintenance and automotive service. From proper tire installation and wheel balancing to brake repair and catalytic converter replacement, there's a lot we do today to ensure you get the best performance and full life out of your tires and vehicle. Scroll down to learn more about each of the different tire and auto repair services we provide, then schedule your service with us or stop by during business hours.

Did you rotate your tires recently? Tire rotation is one of the important tire maintenance services we provide. The front and rear tires on your vehicle handle different stresses due to their position on your vehicle. Even the front left/front right and rear left/rear right tires don't experience the same types of stress or environmental challenges. If you never rotate them, then your tires will wear an an uneven rate. During a tire rotation, we swap the position of your tires so they wear evenly, and you don’t have to spend more money on replacements more frequently.

Areas Served : Beaver, PA | Cranberry Township, PA | Midland, PA | and surrounding areas

Brake Repair

A fully functioning brake system is crucial to your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road...

Exhaust System Repair

Located on the underside of your vehicle, the exhaust system is responsible for collecting and directing harmful emissions away from...

Lube, Oil & Filter Change

An oil change and oil filter replacement are one of many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance...

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tires operating below inflation standards put the overall performance of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers at risk...

Tire Services

Tires are the connection between your vehicle and the surface of the road. Tires are a critical part of your vehicle’s suspension system...

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections help to regulate proper vehicle maintenance. They also contribute to safe driving conditions...

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